Our Top 7 Visual Merchandising Trends for 2017

As the challenge continues in the ‘battle of the bricks & clicks’, brands and retailers are feeling the pressure. Creating buzz worthy moments that fully immerse shoppers within a brand experience is what it’s all about.

“The key is aligning interior design, store windows and overall merchandising strategies with Instagram,” says WGSN Visual Merchandising Editor Claire Dickinson

Here are a few trends we notice are helping retailers Make It Happen.


The trend for ‘Fast Fashion’ has hit brands and retailers alike. Evolve or die seems to be the mantra!

Like a newbie on a dating app, brands must refresh their ‘profile pic’ (ie window displays) to attract their tribe, keep it exciting and connect in meaningful ways with their fans.


image POS Visual Solutions

Shorter, temporary window campaigns mean stores continually maintain a fresh look in line with a seamless on and off line experience.

Promos for 2 –  3 weeks are the new norm.

The game is constantly changing and it’s an exciting and challenging time as VM’s need to consider how windows and stores will frame in social media pics!

So how can they do this? Time for trend #2.



Surely frequent campaign change overs = higher install costs. Not any more!

Savvy brands and retailers are tapping into a great range of products available to create easy changeable solutions that avoid $xxy install fees.

DIY is a trend that’s here and it’s HOT! If store staff can do it… let’s get them involved.

Converse is riding this trend. We continually work with their forward thinking team on ideas and executions for stores in Victoria and New Zealand.

Together we solved the issue of DIY store installs by creating ‘magnetic’ base hardware (including hanging boards, plinths, presentation boards) that could use magnetic print layers easily changed over by staff.

Simple and saves bucks on professional install where possible.


There is a really exciting range of really great products available now that allow for really easy install and change over. Feel free to contact us @ or call us on 03 9583 0691 if you want some ideas.


#3. L.O.V.E L.E.D.

 Lighting, lighting, lighting. With LED lighting becoming more flexible, compact, brighter and even programmable, no surprise then that uses at store level have grown.

Whether they are draped from walls, put int o a grid formations or into displays they can be used in a variety of ways to emphasise products or for ambient purposes.

Samba Swirl yoghurt store in London were clever with their lighting. Their lights change to the beat of the music playing and the store can even change the colours of the lights when the store has a promotion on one of the flavours e.g. orange and yellow colours come on for promoting the orange and banana flavours. Pretty cool!

image courtesy of retaildesignblog



The days of just having a traditional mannequin in the window has pretty much disappeared for forward thinking retailers.

‘The lesson for retailers is that the entire mannequin is the focus not just the clothes. The next generation consumers want to see a story and the mannequin becomes part of the sell’ shares Faith Bartrug, owner of Fith Bartrug Designs shares with VMSD Magazine.

A new generation of mannequin is emerging, fun, querky and created with personality. A great reflection of the brands themselves.

Check out the Geoh range of heads (below) that can slip over an existing mannequins head, instantly changing and contemporizing the look.

The fun way to change your mannequin, for a more fun, contemporary and economical update.


image courtesy of universal display




The first rule is that there are no rules,” says Steve Lippert, visual designer and owner of Any Ideas, creative concepts in display and design.

In-store experiences have the opportunity to offer something you simply can’t get on line.

Appealing to all the senses allows VM’s to really create amazing experiences around visual, sensory, auditory and taste sensations.

This is the playground of the brand or retailer who will thrive.

Scent marketing, music tracks with customised play lists or live DJS, in-store baristas, warm inviting interiors with couches and space to sit, relax and immerse in the in-store environment.

Smart brands and retailers tap into the emotions and psychology of the experience like never before.

A great local example of this is Quiksilver who opened their 2nd innovative flagship ‘Boardriders’ lifestyle store in Torquay. Friday Surf Industry Night- with live music, Weekly yoga classes, Free Wi-Fi throughout the store, a Barbershop and the only rooftop Bar & Café in Torquay, with ocean views.
Live streaming of major events on the big screen, such as Quiksilver Pro and surf movie launches create a whole retail experience that a traditional store doesn’t.


images courtesy of Quiksilver

This leads us to brands leaping off line into an experiential flurry of excitement via the trend of…



It’s been a long time coming in this space for Australia and we still have quite some way to go.

While some categories (liquor) has seen activity in the interactive digital signage market, the future unquestionably lies in the development of this trend in other retail sectors.

We watch with interest what the future holds as the lines continue to blur between on and offline expectations. Technology is changing the way that visual merchandising is being experienced. Screens can change real time content, engage with current social trending topics and promote different campaigns and tactical pricing in real time. Also taking up less space they give retailers more space to play with in store.


While sustainability has become a rather overused term, we see a big shift in smart brands connecting particularly to millennial’s through clever recycling. Creating unique in-store experiences that brings the brands values to life.

images courtesy of retaildesignblog

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